The Giants Causeway

Tours & Excursions

We at Belfast City Coaches take pride in providing tours of our beautiful country. Take a tour and experience at first hand how the troubles began in Belfast, see the past and present flashpoint areas, the peace wall which still divides the city in two. See how even years after peace was brought to Belfast the city still remains divided and how people from different backgrounds while at peace still remain divided while living in separate parts of the city. We offer various tours, too many to mention. You pick the destination and we will provide a tour with detail and comfort in one of our executive coaches. The "Giants Causeway" (often described as the 8th wonder of the world) tour is a must for all overseas visitors. All bus & coach hire tours will be of the utmost quality at the most competitive price on the market. Contact us with any query and we will be happy to help. GET A FREE QUOTE NOW
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